NET Institute

netinstWe just had the 2019 Fall NET Institute conference at the Stern School of Business, NYU on November  15, 2019, program here.

The Networks, Electronic Commerce and Telecommunications (“NET”) Institute is a non-profit institution devoted to research on network industries, platforms, electronic commerce, telecommunications, the Internet, “virtual networks” comprised of computers that share the same technical standard or operating system, and on network issues in general. Of particular interest is research on innovation and introduction of new technology in network industries. The NET Institute functions as a world-wide focal point for research and open exchange and dissemination of ideas in these areas. The NET Institute competitively funds cutting edge research projects in these areas of research. It organizes conferences and seminars on these issues.

From 2003 to 2022 the NET Institute has funded a number of research proposals in the areas of network industries, platforms, “virtual networks,” electronic commerce, telecommunications, and the Internet. We had an overwhelming response to our call for proposals. During the last fifteen years we have funded over three hundred projects, giving preference to those by relatively young researchers. The resulting papers and other papers on network industries are in the working papers series of the NET Institute at NET Institute Working Papers. In the summer of 2022, we funded a number of research projects in the areas of network industries, including platforms, the Internet, wired and wireless networks, “virtual networks,” electronic commerce, and telecommunications.

The competitive process for submission of proposals in 2022 with deadline May 25, 2022 is described in the call for proposals for summer research in 2022.

Here is the NET Institute’s Facebook Page.